Joker the 6th bonus levels and the 3rd level only can accessible via level list of Rolling Sky. It contains crowns and is similar to Poker, except the 2 level themes are switched. Unlike the normal version that had this level, 88% has a bug called Quarter Bug in the APK Version. When you receive a PowerUp, the long glass has a secret to get in, just go to right middle. If you go to another place to get in, your ball falls. Joker is the third level that could only accessed to the level list.


  • In Level 19:Reggae update,the background of this level changes Statues into Pyramids.
  • Joker is the second level that had lyrics, after Tetris.
    • However, the full version of Monody has lyrics but only the normal Monody music.
  • In the teaser,the King's colors are red.In this level's image,The Poke Wheels' dots are red.
  • This level's image was actually unfinished like other levels.