Relics, or refers as Fairy Tale (Future), is a 20th level in Rolling Sky. It includes themes like New Winter and Summer Zoo. It is the first level to be followed by Mental Rave after being preceded by Level 19: Reggae. It has objects including Noir Skeletons, Owls, Water Flames, Opened Entrances, Ice Crystals, Under Entrances, Broken Noirs, Pushings and Noir Wore Skeletons from Under City, and has objects from Sky City like Golden Skeletons, Golden Wore Skeletons, Original Crystals, Lava Flames, Sky Owls, Sky Opened Entrances, Sky Entrances, Broken Colours and Coloured Pushings.

It has new power-ups including Invisibility Holes, Energy Graveyards and Energy Balls.


  • Due it's a sequel of Fairy Tale, it currently snows.
  • Its BGM is the most popular music in Rolling Sky, even someone hate it.
  • The torches also appear in Egypt and The Eye of Horus.