The E-Labyrinth Adventure is the ninth level in Rolling Sky, and was the last level that could be unlocked without keys.


  • Prior to 1.4.8, E-Labyrinth Adventure was the first level with a name, but it did not show in the level select screen.
  • The Red Beat and Dark Beat themes were replaced with Purple Beat.
    • Dark Beat is still present in this level, by changing your quality settings to high.
  • As "The E-Labyrinth Adventure" is too long to fit on the level select screen, it has been shortened to "E-Labyrinth".
  • This and Sci-Tech are the only levels with themes that feature green balls.
  • The music, Rise by Ampyx, sounds very similar to TheFatRat's Windfall.
    • It also sounds similar to Desmeon's Hellcat.
  • Despite the above musical similarities, this is one of the most popular and liked levels by fans.
  • As some updates changed, The name E-Labyrinth was renamed to Labyrinth due to the title's length.
  • This level is one of four levels whose theme appeared in Level 31: Happy Birthday.


Rolling Sky - The E-Labyrinth Adventure